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Forum Rules, New Poster Guide, and Other Links

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PostPosted: Tue Mar 10, 2009 12:56 am    Post subject: Forum Rules, New Poster Guide, and Other Links Reply with quote

Before you post, read and learn the forum rules:

Additionally, thanks to CWood21, here's a brief Helpful Guide to help you get started:

With the Packer forum being arguably the most represented team forum here at FootballsFuture as well as gaining new members almost daily, it'd be a good time to make sure we all get checked up as to the proper way of making and creating posts. I've also seen a lot of threads closed down as of late and it will look bad to visitors if a bunch of threads have been closed down.

broncosfan_101, titanrick, and NC_SacKing have also created similar thread to this, which gave me the inspiration to help contriubte something new to the Packers forum.

1.) Learn The Rules
I put this first for a reason. If you were to follow any of my steps, this may be the most important. Otherwise, you might find yourself getting banned pretty quickly. All it takes is a quick look and you can get started posting.

2.) Check For Duplicates
Nothing clogs up a forum like multiples posts discussing the same topic. If everyone created a thread every time they thought of something, there wouldn't be much discussions as posts would fall down to the ends of the page on onto the next ones. As for BUMPing your posts, stay away from it until your post has fallen to the third or so page, just because your post falls to the bottom of the first page doesn't mean you need to bump it up to the top. If people want to talk about it, they'll find it. How far is far enough to create a new thread? I'd generally wait until a thread is past the fifth page before creating a new one on the same topic.

3.) Keep Posts On Topic
Nothing may be as more annoying as seeing a topic go from a great subject to going to somewhere out in left field. If the topic is on the coaching staff, keep it on them and not the players. Packer talk is extremely loved here, so please don't post random stuff that isn't necessary. Keep it on topic or you could find yourself warned or even banned. There's one thread you can continually take off topic and that's the TAPT (This Ain't Packers Talk).

4.) Post Links With News Events
This is just a way to prove your point by putting it down in fact as it's not just something you made up out of thin air. This will help your credibility with some of the more tenured members of the forum. Credibility is a great thing to have and you'll become a well-respected poster in no time.

5.) Quality Over Quantity
Nothing is more boring than a post that just rambles for no real reason. Put some thought behind your posts and give some supporting details as to why you might feel that way. Don't just ask, is Brady Poppinga a good linebacker? Ask it more like, what do you like or dislike about Brady Poppinga? The more you spur discussion, the better off the forum is.

6.) Proofread Your Topic
Nobody wants you to post like "wut DO u THNK of hwak?" It just doesn't look good and it really looks like you're just being lazy. There is a time for short writing in texts and a time to put your thoughts together and make a post that will generate some response. Just give your post a quick look over making sure there aren't any major mistakes and you should be fine.

7.) Moderators Won't Bite (At Least Not Hard)
As scary as the mods may be, don't be afraid to go up to RashaanSalaami, GBPackers79, or CWood21. They are here to help keep the Packers forum clean and are more than willing to help assist you while you are in the Packers forum.

If those three aren't on, don't be afraid to PM one of the Global Moderators. They are Desperado82, EliteTexan80, fretgod99, RashaanSalaami, stallyns, The LBC, and MrDrew.

8.) Talk About Football, Not Each Other
This is a quick way to get yourself banned. If you don't like what someone said, just ignore him/her. Starting a post about a certain poster isn't going to help this forum in anyway, shape, or form so just stick to football. Also, if you don't agree with someone else's views, give reasons why rather than just saying "You're an idiot for saying that Nick Barnett can't play well in a 3-4 defense."

9.) Quoting
I'm not sure if anyone else has noticed that, but when you quote an entire long post, it looks really bad and makes you look really lazy. I or any of the other posters really don't want to read all of what someone ahead of you posted, so just quote what you are going to talk about it and delete everything else. Quotes can be one of the most useful tools here at FF, so use it wisely.

Finally, here are a couple reminders and tips to help you on your way.

1. Quoting. To quote another member, just hit the "Quote" button on the top right portion of their post.

2. Inserting an Image. Find the LINK to the image you want to use. Paste that link into the text box and highlight it. Then click the IMG button underneath the Subject. Make sure your "Disable BBCode in this post" box is unchecked (underneath the text box).

3. Signatures and avatars can be added by clicking the Profile link at the top of your screen. A couple other bits of advice: 1. Avatars must be 80 pixels by 80 2. Signatures can be no larger than 600 wide x 100 high 3. Must have a minimum of 50 posts to request a custom signature. 4. Please be patient with artists and their time. Please only make one post for a request unless it has been more than one week. 5. If you request and accept a custom signature please try to wear it for at least a month out of respect for the artists time. 6. Artists reserve the right to deny requests that are inappropriate or in violation of forum rules.

If you need any help or advice, feel free to PM any of the Packers moderators for advice or help.

Initial Stops In Cheeseland
Forum Rules
A Helpful Guide for New Posters
Salary Cap Details

This is a great first step into your adventure into the Cheeseland that is the Packers forum for all the new guys that are looking through this thread. May I on behalf of the forum welcome you to this neck of the woods. Check through these threads before you begin posting to make yourself familiar with the roles and jump into the discussion.

Other Forum Directories
Cleveland Browns
Dallas Cowboys
Kansas City Chiefs
Miami Dolphins
New Orleans Saints
New York Jets
Oakland Raiders
Philadelphia Eagles
Pittsburgh Steelers
Tennessee Titans

These forums have offered up their time to put together a directory, so if you have a question regarding their team that might be the first place to look.

2013 Draft Tools
NFL Draft Pick Value Chart

I'll update this more as the season wears on, but it's your one stop shop for what you're looking for the upcoming draft tools so check back and see the updates.


This is our annual awards ceremony here for the Packers forum. We like to recognize some of the contributors.

Previous Packers Draft Picks
1st Round (26th Overall): Datone Jones [DE; UCLA]
2nd Round (55th Overall): Traded to San Francisco for 2nd (#61) and 6th (#173)
2nd Round (61st Overall): Eddie Lacy [RB; Alabama]
3rd Round (88th Overall): Traded to San Francisco for 3rd (#93) and 7th (#216)
3rd Round (93rd Overall): Traded to Miami for 4th (#109), 5th (#146), and 7th (#224)
4th Round (109th Overall): David Bahktiari [OL; Colorado]
4th Round (122nd Overall): J.C. Tretter [OG/C; Cornell]
Packers trade 5th Round (146) and 6th Round (173) to Denver for (125)
4th Round (125th Overall): Johnathan Franklin [RB; UCLA]
5th Round (159th Overall): Micah Hyde [CB/S; Iowa]
5th Round (167th Overall): Josh Boyd [DT; Mississippi State]
6th Round (193rd Overall): Nate Palmer [OLB; Illinois State]
7th Round (216th Overall): Charles Johnson [WR; Grand Valley State]
7th Round (224th Overall): Kevin Dorsey [WR; Maryland]
7th Round (232nd Overall): Sam Barrington [OLB; South Florida]

Grades and Thoughts

1(2Cool: Nick Perry, OLB, USC
TRADE UP: 59 and 123 for 51
2(51): Jerel Worthy, DE, Michigan State
TRADE UP: 90 and 163 for 62
2(62): Casey Hayward, CB, Vanderbilt
4(132): Mike Daniels, DE, Iowa
4(133): Jerron McMillian, S, Maine
TRADE UP: 197, 224, 235 for 163
5(163): Terrell Manning, OLB, NC State
7(241): Andrew Datko, OT, Florida State
7(243): BJ Coleman, QB, Tennessee-Chatanooga

1(32) - Derek Sherrod [OT; Mississippi State]
2(64) - Randall Cobb [WR; Kentucky]
3(96) - Alex Green [RB; Hawaii]
4(131) - Davon House [CB; New Mexico State]
5(141) - D.J. Williams [TE; Arkansas]
6(179) - Caleb Schlauderaff [OG; Utah]
6(186) - D.J. Smith [LB; Appalachian State]
6(197) - Ricky Elmore [DE/OLB; Arizona]
7(218) - Ryan Taylor [TE; North Carolina]
7(233) - Lawrence Guy [DT/DE; Arizona State]
Day 1 Discussion

Day 3 Discussion
Conclusions & Grades

1(23) - Bryan Bulaga [OT; Iowa]
2(56) - Mike Neal [DT/DE; Purdue]
3(71) - Morgan Burnett [S; Georgia Tech]
5(154) - Andrew Quarless [TE; Penn State]
5(169) - Marshall Newhouse [OT/OG; TCU]
6(193) - James Starks [RB; Buffalo]
7(230) - C.J. Wilson [DE; East Carolina]

1(9) - B.J. Raji DT Boston College
1(26) - Clay Matthews III OLB USC
4(109) - T.J. Lang OG/OT Eastern Michigan
5(145) - Quinn Johnson FB LSU
5(162) - Jamon Meredith OT/OG South Carolina
6(182) - Jarius Wynn DE Georgia
6(187) - Brandon Underwood CB/S Cincinnati
7(218) - Brad Jones OLB Colorado

FFMD 13 II: War Room
FFMD-13 I: War Room
FFMD-13 I: War Room II
FFMD-12 II: War Room
FFMD-12 I: War Room
FFMD-11 II: War Room
FFMD-11 I: War Room
FFMD-10 I: War Room
FFMD-10 II: War Room
FFMD-09 I: Packers War Room I
FFMD-09 I: Packers War Room II
FFMD-09 I: Draft Thread
FFMD-09 I: Position Assignment
FFMD-09 II: War Room

This is a fun forum wide game where each fan base gets the chance to come together and work as the GM of their favorite team.

Verified Twitter Accounts of Packers' Players
Aaron Rodgers
Greg Jennings
Randall Cobb
Jermichael Finley
DJ Williams
Josh Sitton
TJ Lang
Bryan Bulaga
Marshall Newhouse

Mike Neal
Jarius Wynn
CJ Wilson
Clay Matthews
Desmond Bishop
Tramon Williams
Sam Shields
Davon House
Nick Collins
Morgan Burnett

Tim Masthay
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